How many of your Workers take 15-20 seconds to wash their hands?

Not Many.

This means your enterprise is still at high risk of flu infection, causing days off and potentially causing the spread of H1N1.

If existing methods of communication and training (email, newsletters and intranet) aren’t changing workers' behaviours, then Train in a Flash can help.

Train in a Flash is inexpensive, fast and effective.

We can cost effectively change workers’ behaviour by reinforcing the prevention message using:

  • Four minute Flash based training program, (simply plays in their browser) which emphasizes the potential Flu threat and demonstrates how to wash their hands using a brief video clip. The training is branded as if it comes from your company, includes local contact information and is available in 11 different languages
  • Screen savers - the message is reinforced on all enterprise computers running as a silent screen saver
  • Posters - Enterprise branded posters then reinforce the message that 15-20 seconds is required for effective hand washing

The prevention investment?

$3,995 for all the above. This includes unlimited internal viewing rights. If you save just seven workers logging in one day sick you have recouped your entire investment.

We also offer a Deluxe package where we prepare a audio message from your CEO, SVP HR., or other executive emphasizing to workers the importance of hand washing for the upcoming flu season. This is then played first before workerís watch the flu program, see the screen savers and view the posters. The cost for the Deluxe Package is $7,100.

Finally, we also offer for an abbreviated telephone training program for workers who donít have computer access. This is available for an additional $1,995.

Since a Flash is worth a thousand words click below to view samples of the program.

Watch a sample Flash Program
Note: This may take between 20-60 seconds to load over the internet. If purchased, this program can be hosted locally on your own intranet, and will load almost instantly on most networks.
Listen to a sample telephone training program
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View sample poster:
Sample 1
Sample 2

Now fill in a short form and a Train in a Flash representative will contact you!
If you're also interested in our Emergency Response / Business Continuity Awareness program training workers on the high level process if a pandemic is called, then click here.